Escort Profile: Betty

One of our newest and most popular escorts is Betty. Betty loves to spend her time at the beach and fantasizes about one day having a house on a beach somewhere. She enjoys crafts and scrapbooking, but prefers simply to be out partying with friends. She has a paralyzing fear of ending up working in an office one day, and vows never to give in to that reality.

“I know it sounds irrational,” she says, “and probably, for a lot of people, an office job is exactly what they’re dreaming of getting, working toward getting. I certainly don’t mean to insult anybody by saying that I fear it. It’s just that I’ve always had this paralyzing, crippling fear of being bored. To me, boredom is the worst emotion you can feel. I think I would rather be dead than be condemned to be bored. The saddest thing I ever saw was this science fiction television program where there’s this intergalactic traveler and his companion, a woman he picked up from an office somewhere along the way. I forget the exact details of how it transpires, but the traveler and his companion have all these fantastic adventures. Then something happens, and he basically has to put her back where he found her… and the worst part is, she doesn’t have any memories of what happened, so all those adventures they have, all that excitement, might as well have never occurred. She is condemned, not to death, but to a life of eternal boredom, where even in her own mind, she has never been anything but a perfectly ordinary person working in an office doing boring things that will never matter to anyone outside that little company. I couldn’t imagine anything more horrifying. It actually made me sad to think about it, not for this fictional character, but because it was at that moment that I realized the thing I feared most in the world. What I most dreaded was living a life that didn’t matter, a life filled with drudgery and work that didn’t matter to anyone. I think that night, while I was thinking about it, I almost had a panic attack. This job saved my life. It was the perfect job for me, and it saved me from exactly the type of work that I didn’t want to do.”

Betty goes on to explain that getting hired as an escort showed her a world that she didn’t realize was possible. “Imagine that you have the opportunity to live a life of excitement and adventure,” she explains, “and I don’t mean with a time-traveling space adventurer. You’re told that your hold job is to meet new and exciting people, interesting people, how are as excited about the chance to meet you as you are to meet them. Not only are the people you meet going to pay to take you out and enjoy your company, but you’re actually going to get paid for doing so. And all you have to do, in exchange, is take responsibility for how the date goes. You just have to take charge and make sure that the person you meet, the person who is so interested in talking to you and spending time with you, has a good time. And this incredible adventure can go on day after day, night after night, if you’re just willing to say “yes” to the job. Wouldn’t you say yes to that opportunity? Wouldn’t you see it as salvation from the nightmare of boredom, the mundane existence that you fear so much will come to pass?”

When the pressure starts to become too much, Betty has the perfect strategy for withdrawing and clearing her head: She goes to the nearest beach or pool. “Depending on where you are, of course, you can’t always find a beach when you want it,” she admits. “I have to say I prefer the beach to lying out poolside. But a pool will do, especially if it’s a big nice one, and the advantage of a pool is that you don’t have to worry about getting sand where you don’t want it to go. I love to lie out in the sun on the beach when I can, though. I am very fond of my body, and I like to give it the best tan I can, with a minimum of tan lines. If I can find a beach where they’ll let me lay out without my clothes, that’s ideal, but that’s rare. It’s harder to find that kind of beach than an ordinary public beach. But to be honest, the thrill I get from tanning out on a public beach is a little greater. I like to dress in a thong string bikini if I can get away with it, and then I’ll lie out there and let the whole world take in what I’ve got. I don’t mind that guys go by extra slow, and they take more trips past me than they need to, so they can get a good view. And I’m sure a few of them have taken my picture. That’s okay too. I don’t mind that. I like being an object of desire. Going to the beach lets me indulge my exhibitionist tendencies while giving me the chance to really relax and unwind, and just release all the cares of the day or the week. When you’re in the sun next to the water, or swimming in that water, it’s really impossible to let anything get to you. The world can’t touch you when you have access to sun, sand, and surf, but in a pinch, going poolside will do. It’s actually a little easier to meet a nice man in a pool than it is at the beach, because there are fewer people at the pool. I’ve met some very nice guys at hotel pools. I really have.”

Betty is absolutely one of the best girls we have available to us. She’ll take on any fun night you care to have.