Escort Profile: Sandy

Our new lady Sandy is an aspiring model whose body has always gotten her a lot of attention. From high school, Sandy was used to getting all kinds of attention from boys, and she has learned to put that attention to good use. She loves to go out for dinner and drinks but is most happy when she knows other men and women are looking at her with desire or jealousy. In fact, Sandy adores using her figure to get what she wants, and thinks there is nothing wrong with a woman taking advantage of the assets she has been given by nature and her creator. Pressed for information about her beliefs, Sandy admits that she thinks there is, indeed, a God of some kind, but that she sees no reason God would create something as wonderful as sex between two people and then consider it something bad and forbidden almost all of the time.

“My view is probably not going to be the most popular with theology types,” she admits, “but I just can’t help it. I believe in some kind of higher power, sure. I believe that the universe is so beautiful, and so complex, that it probably isn’t random. But I also can’t believe in a creator who would make men and women, make them so wonderful together, and give them the gift of romance together, and then make that romance forbidden and bad so much of the time. Does that make any sense? I don’t think it does. I think it’s much more likely that it’s us, the human beings, who have gotten things wrong. I mean, if the creator of the universe is infallible, and yet we keep changing what we say he thinks about this and about that, if he is indeed a he and not a she and not an it, then what does that say about us, the human beings? It’s a lot more likely that we’re the ones who are wrong. We’re the ones who keep screwing up our interpretation of what is right and what is wrong. I refuse to believe that the act of love, the beautiful act of romance between two people who find comfort in each other, is ever something bad. It’s just too wonderful. It’s too beautiful and sensual. There has to be some kind of appreciation for that in the universe. If there isn’t, if there wasn’t, I don’t think I could believe in a higher power.”

Sandy explains that she has her life together, but she has a few friends who have been in twelve step programs, and she got the phrase “higher power” from them. She also has some interesting thoughts on her friends’ lifestyles. “I don’t fault anybody for turning to that serenity prayer,” she says. You know, the one where you ask that higher power to give you the strength to handle what you can’t change, the courage to handle what you can, and change it, and the wisdom to know the difference between something you can change and something you cannot change? I think that’s a pretty powerful sentiment. I do think, though, that for some of my friends, the whole step-program things becomes kind of a lifestyle for them. I don’t think that’s bad either, but when you start doing all your socializing at a group like that, and that’s where you meet people and even where you find people to date, I can’t help but wonder if maybe you’re overdoing it just a little. But I don’t know. I don’t judge anybody. That’s not my place. I just want people to be happy.”

Sandy explains that she feels a little guilty about all the attention she gets, being so good looking, and she knows she dresses to accentuate that, but in the end, it’s what she knows, and what she truly enjoys. “I don’t define myself in terms of being with or needing a man, but I do like attention. And I know I’m a good looking woman. I was born and grew up into a hot girl, and I don’t see any reason to make apologies for that fact. I know I’m lucky. Some women, their beauty is more a work of art than a work of nature, as the saying goes. A lot of girls need a lot of help, from a bottle or from a surgeon’s knife, to look as good as they want to look. I have been fortunate in that I look good without a lot of extra help, and with some working out and some attention to detail, I’m smoking hot and super sexy. But I realize not every girl has that, growing up. And I know that looking like I do has opened doors for me. That’s just a fact of life. The pretty girls always get more attention and more opportunities. I refuse to feel guilty about that fact, but I do recognize it. And I hope nobody thinks I’m arrogant about it. I don’t ever think that I’m special because I happen to be lucky enough to look good. I take care of what I have and I put a lot of work in over my appearance, but that’s not the same thing. I know I was born with an advantage. I try to stay humble about it.”

“That’s one of the reasons,” Sandy adds, “that I love going out with my dates for dinner and drinks. I like walking into the room on my date’s arm and waiting to see the guys’ heads turn. I like knowing that their own dates are angry when that happens, that they’re jealous. Every guy in that room is wishing he was my date. Every girl in that room is wishing her own date would pay attention to her, not me. I know it’s a power trip and it’s almost kind of mean, and I don’t think of myself as mean. But I like the attention very much, and I hope it never stops.”