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My name is Lauren. I am 21 year old with a hot body. Imagine a tall busty woman with enchanting legs and curves to match. I adore men, and they cherish me, and I am not hesitant to show that, I am exceptionally spontaneous. I always have a longing to satisfy the man I am with, to keep him every happy and longing for more. I am exceptionally passionate and sentimental and there is an exotically feminine side to me which makes me irresistible. My fun loving nature, easygoing attitude and ladylike sensibilities are some of my incredible qualities that most people appreciate.

If it’s an intimate night you desire; late-night chats are right up her alley. She feels most comfortable when it’s just two people and she can unwind and be herself. You won’t be able to keep your hands off of Lauren, but she’ll love every minute of it. She absolutely loves a sensual massage or it drives her insane when you kiss the right place on her body. Lauren in relatively inexperienced in the bedroom so she won’t mind if you take the reins; she is however open-minded and adventurous so nothing is off the table. She just wants to put a big smile on your face.


Age 21
Height 5’6″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual
Rate $1,200/Hour
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New York escorts New York escorts
New York escorts New York escorts
“Making men happy is the thing that makes me happiest,” Lauren explains. “So you could say that it’s really just selfish, the pride that I take in my job. I don’t believe that any society treats men as badly as ours does. They get the short end of the stick all the time, even as we’re busy telling them that they’re all oppressing us. Like, there’s this famous joke by a comedian about being a woman. They say that being a woman is just so difficult in this male-dominated society. Well, the comedian says, how many women die of black lung from working in coal mines? Men are the strong backbone of our society. They work so hard. There’s nothing I like better than to be able to ease the troubles of a hard-working man. If I had a man who lived with me, I’d want to be able to soothe his troubles away the moment he walked into the door. I’d want him to know he was the king the moment his foot crossed the threshold. I’d be waiting in lingerie for him, and I’d cook for him, and I’d greet him with a drink for him. And then the night would go how he wanted it to go.”

Lauren continues, “So many men deserve to be treated with respect and kindness. That’s why I love my job as an escort. New York has so much potential, and I love to show men around the city. My favorites are the ones from out of town because everything is new to them. I get to show off my city and share with them the things I consider my favorites. I love knowing that when they remember their trip to New York, they’re going to remember me, their New York escort.”

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