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My name is Lisa. I am 22 year old with a hot body. Imagine a tall busty woman with enchanting legs and curves to match. I adore men, and they cherish me, and I am not hesitant to show that, I am exceptionally spontaneous. I always have a longing to satisfy the man I am with, to keep him every happy and longing for more. I am exceptionally passionate and sentimental and there is an exotically feminine side to me which makes me irresistible. My fun loving nature, easygoing attitude and ladylike sensibilities are some of my incredible qualities that most people appreciate.

Lisa is always upbeat and cheery she enjoys sharing her happiness with other people. She likes making everyone around her feel special. She is looking to connect with people with a similar attitude; people that are not afraid to unwind. If you are willing to let whatever happen, Lisa would love to meet you. Lisa bubbly personality and willingness to make other people happy set her apart from all the other escorts. We know you’ll love every moment you spend with her.


Age 22
Height 5’7″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual
Rate $600/Hour
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New York escorts New York escorts
Lisa explains that she loves to tease a man by letting him think he knows her, only to surprise him with something new about her personality. She loves to be the innocent girl next door, but then show that she’s not nearly as sweet as she is naughty. “The best part about being the innocent little good girl,” she says, “is that when I finally turn it on, when I show him that I understand just how naughty a girl can be, he gets surprised, but in a good way. A man who has been presented with that kind of surprise is like a kid at his own birthday party. He has never been so happy. There’s no man so happy as a man who has received something wonderful he was not expecting.”

“I love the service aspect of my job as an escort. New York is just the beginning for me,” she says. “I like to volunteer, too, to help the less fortunate. I guess you could say I’m a very nurturing person. It’s fun for me to sort of indulge that side of my personality. I like to be able to show men just how giving I can be. And when I’m not on the job, I like to help the less fortunate. I think every single one of us understands that trouble and adversity can find us… but most of us don’t think about it unless we’re actively going through something. It’s asking a little more of people to actually give of themselves when they’re not going through problems of their own. You have to keep your heart focused on helping people. If you can’t do that, what are you living at all for? I think as humans we should all take an interest in helping others.”

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