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My name is Nikki. I am 22 year old with a hot body. Imagine a tall busty woman with enchanting legs and curves to match. I adore men, and they cherish me, and I am not hesitant to show that, I am exceptionally spontaneous. I always have a longing to satisfy the man I am with, to keep him every happy and longing for more. I am exceptionally passionate and sentimental and there is an exotically feminine side to me which makes me irresistible. My fun loving nature, easygoing attitude and ladylike sensibilities are some of my incredible qualities that most people appreciate.

Everything that drives men crazy, Nicky has it and it’s all in the right places. This natural brunette has the best physical features. Her full pouty lips love being pursed up against her lover’s body and there is no better way to connect with her than to explore each other inside and out. She has an appetite for these stolen moments of pleasure. She’ll let you dictate the pace for these forbidden moments but she is not afraid to take control if you need her to. You’ll easily get addicted to Nicky.

Blondes really do have all the fun and Nikki can show you how. She loves to connect with men on an intimate and sensual level. She’ll walk you through one of the hottest experiences you’ve ever had. When she disrobes you’ll see some of the sexiest lingerie that you’ve ever seen. She owns a vast collection of lingerie in the hottest colors available. When you’re with Nikki you’ll get so worked up you won’t know what to do with yourself and you’ll be too distracted to even look at another women.


Age 22
Height 5’7″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual
Rate $600/Hour
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Nikki loves to show off her beautiful body. While she was never a professional pole dancer, she has done this kind of dancing on an amateur basis. “Dancing on that pole, being the center of attention, it’s what this job is all about,” she explains. “I love it when all eyes are on me. I love it when everyone is focused on me and how sexy I am. I think that every woman has the ability to indulge her sensual side, and to show those around her just how sexy she can be. That isn’t exploiting a woman, and it isn’t objectifying her. Most men would jump at the chance to be seen as sexual objects if that was an option for them, and I think it’s just insulting to suggest women don’t enjoy a real advantage because they always have the choice. The amount of sexuality you bring to things is entirely within your control.”

The power of sexuality is one that all women have, Nikki explains. “An attractive woman can write her own ticket,” she says. “She has what every guy wants, and all she has to do to make any man her willing slave is just let him have a little taste of it, a little promise of it. That’s why some men become ‘whipped,’ after all. They can’t get enough of a sexy woman, and that woman understands the power she wields. I would never abuse that power. I would never misuse a man. I like to respect my men, and I like to have them respect me. When two people have mutual respect for each other, then they can really have a good time together. They can embrace their sexuality as a couple. Limits are meant to be probed. We should all push our boundaries.”

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