Are They Real? Does It Matter?

It has been estimated that one out of every 26 women in America, or about 4 percent, have breast implants.  The figure is really a pretty wild estimate, because there is no requirement for reporting of this type of thing, and there is no really good source of central figures.  Still, breast implant surgery is the most common plastic surgery in the United States, although a lot of women are also getting butt implants, if you can believe it.  Many, many women believe that they’re not going to be happy, or they’re not going to get far enough in their careers, if they don’t have fake breasts.

The percentage of women with fake breasts is probably a lot higher in places like Hollywood and other areas in and around California and New York City, which are places that are central to the entertainment industry (and to the porn industry).  Think about how many porn stars you’ve seen, if you’re into that kind of thing, who very obviously have giant, round, fake boobs that don’t in any way look real.  It’s like that old episode of Seinfeld, where a gorgeous Terri Hatcher tells Jerry Seinfeld that her breasts are “real” and “spectacular” after he obsesses over figuring out if they might be real or fake.  The difference matters to some men, because they want a breast that looks and feels real when they get their hands on it.

For many other men, though, it doesn’t matter to them if their woman has fake breasts or real breasts.  In fact, it’s not at all uncommon for men with means to pay to have their girlfriends’ breasts augmented, as a way of giving themselves a present that is far better than any lingerie they might buy their wives or girlfriends.  When you think about it, asking a woman to get fake breasts because you think it will make her sexier is the ultimate in giving yourself a present.  If she is willing or, even better, very much wants the procedure and is grateful for it, so much the better.

We are spoiled in today’s day and age because we have become very used to safe, effective procedures like breast enlargement.  We think of it as almost nothing.  But famous people die sometimes while undergoing routine cosmetic procedures because there is always a risk of something going wrong when you are anesthetized or when you have surgery.  You can pick up a nasty infection in the hospital while undergoing routine cosmetic surgery, and hospitals tend to be the sorts of places where the scariest infections breed, multiply, and infect other people.  There’s a famous sports star who had cancer in his jaw who now has a staph infection in that jaw because he spent so much time in hospitals with a compromised immune system.  Infections in hospitals are a huge problem, and we are overusing antibiotics as a society, making infections we could once easily kill much harder to eliminate.

There is a reason that big breasts are referred to as “Future Lower Back Problems.” You may not realize it, but a woman who is born with naturally large breasts doesn’t always think this is a good thing.  Walking around with large breasts can cause you serious back pain problems because you’re holding up that weight all day long.  There have been famous Hollywood starlets who got big breasts through surgery and were happy to take off their tops in R-rated movies… and then, later, they had the breast implants reduced or removed altogether because of the pain the implants were causing them.  Famously large-breasted model Kate Upton, whose boobs are natural, made the mistake of saying in an interview that sometimes she wished they could be smaller.  Fans of her as a model were outraged and she had to walk back her comments for fear of the backlash.  But most women understood where she was coming from.

There are porn stars and other people operating in the sex-related industry who are known for outrageously large breasts, either because they got balloon-sized implants or because they are naturally large.  (Very overweight women frequently have very large breasts, too, although we don’t usually think of them as attractive for this size advantage.)  For the most part these large-breast freak shows appeal to a specialized audience, but not to men on average.

Most men want a woman who is in proportion.  Yes, they like a generous rack on their women, but there are men who prefer small breasts too.  Men just want a woman who is toned and in shape, a woman who wants sex as much as they do, and a woman who enjoys the act with them.  It isn’t enough to be with a woman who enjoys sex if she acts like she doesn’t want to have it with you specifically.  Where is the enjoyment in that?

At one time, and may this is still the case, if you went out to Nevada and places where prostitution is legal, it was possible to book time with certain porn stars for private dates.  In this way, members of the audience who had the money could fulfill the ultimate fantasy.  They could pay to have sex with the porn star of their dreams, and they would have an incredible story to tell their buddies afterward.  Imagine firing up your favorite adult movie, sometimes as a joke when drinking with your pals, and being able to tell them what it was like to be with that porn star.

Well, whether her boobs were fake or real probably won’t enter you head when you do tell a story like that.  That is the not-so-secret secret of breast implants when all is said and done.  Get implants if you want to and it makes you feel better about yourself.  Guys won’t care if your chest is fake or if your chest is real.  They just want you to look good, and if you let them get their hands on you, they are that much happier.