Short Story: Part 2 of 2

They spent the afternoon snuggled together on the couch.  For a while they watched the news on his plasma screen television, laughing at the coverage of ErotiCon and their own romance.  The local gossip columnists couldn’t stop going on about it, all of which was great publicity for HDP and Kimberly.  Her Between the Silky Sheets would probably break a first-week sales record.

“My new agent is going to have his work cut out for him,” Kimberly laughed.

“Mmm,” Bryon nodded.  “Let’s take a shower.”

She laughed at his not-so-subtle change of subject but was happy to agree.  They stepped into his large, glass-enclosed shower and luxuriated in the hot, pulsing water, marveling at each other’s beautiful bodies.  Seeing Kimberly’s hair wet and draped across her shoulders as she threw her head back was an immediate turn on for Bryon.  He soaped her body, lingering over her breasts, her stomach, her bottom…  She returned the favor and washed every centimeter of him, stroking him to hardness with one soapy hand while rubbing lather onto his legs and stomach with the other.

They finally toweled off and Kimberly put on Bryon’s bathrobe.  He wrapped a towel around his waist.  They went out into the living room, where Bryon started a fire in the fireplace.  He had a luxurious “bearskin” rug, a synthetic blend (he hated the thought of killing an animal just for its pelt) that felt soft and sexy against Kimberly’s skin.  She stretched out in front of the fire, listening to it crackle.

Bryon walked out from the kitchen area carrying a basket.  “My sister and her new boyfriend sent us an engagement gift.  It was delivered here first thing this morning,” he said.  He had a bottle of sparkling rose wine and two glasses in his other hand and managed to get everything neatly on the floor without dropping it.

“Bob’s Sexy Fruity Chocolates,” Kimberly laughed.  “What else is in here?”  There were several small packages and plastic bottles.

“Let’s find out,” he reclined on the lush rug with Kimberly, pushing aside a fold of the oversized robe to bear her breasts.  He moved his hand down across her stomach, feeling the warmth of her body.  She leaned over and they kissed, slowly and sensually, eyes closed, the fresh scent of soap tickling their noses as Kimberly’s wet hair brushed across Bryon’s face and chest.

“Always, love,” she told him.

“Always.”  He reached into the basket and produced a small plastic bottle in the shape of a man and woman intertwined.  “Honey,” he said.

“Yes, darling?”

“No,” Bryon laughed.  “It’s a bottle of honey.”

“Oh,” she laughed at that.  “What are you going to do with that?”

He smiled and pulled the belt of her robe, pushing the garment off her shoulders.  She shrugged out of it and pushed it aside.  Then he put his hand on her breasts, gently pushing her down onto her back.  “Stay there,” he said.

He uncapped the bottle and drizzled honey onto one of her nipples, letting it spread in a tiny golden pool that dripped down her breast.  She shivered.  He dripped honey on her other nipple, watching it get hard as he did so.  Then he slowly, lovingly licked both of her breasts cleaned, sucking them and running his tongue across her stomach when he was done.  She began to grow warm with desire for him, the smell of the honey mingling with her own passion.

He opened the box of chocolates and removed a cherry-flavored square.  He dangled it above her full lips and she took it into her mouth, sucking his fingers as she took the candy.  He felt himself stirring, her lips impossibly sexy, her tongue reminding him of all the areas of his body she had explored with it.

“Kimberly,” he sighed, “I never knew I could be this happy.  Not with anyone.  You’re so incredible.”

“I love you, Bryon,” she said simply.  She sat up and reached for the wine.  They had a few sips in front of the now roaring fire, the heat from the flames fanning the fire in their blood.  Kimberly looked through the basket and found a bottle of her own.  There was also a small bag of chocolate-covered strawberries.

Giggling, she took the smallest of them, laid back, and placed the fruit on her stomach over her navel.  Bryon leaned over and picked it up with his teeth, licking her stomach again.  He ate the fruit and took another from the bag, placing this one in her mouth.  Then he leaned over her, placed his mouth over hers, and bit into the berry, taking half of it with him.  They did this several more times, their tongues meeting and the juices mingling as they kissed each other deeply.

She pulled the towel away from his waist, stroking his hard member a few times, then pushed him onto his back. The bottle she’d selected was of chocolate syrup.  She uncapped it and poured a generous stream of it over the head of his penis, watching it drip down the shaft to pool on his lap.  Then she began licking and sucking him, enjoying the sweet syrup as much as the groans of pleasure from Bryon’s lips.  She kept it up until he was on the brink of exploding and then lapped up the last drop on his body.

Bryon, inspired, sat up and rolled her over onto her stomach.  He took the syrup from her and poured it over her bottom.  It dripped down across her buttocks and between her legs.  She shivered again with anticipation as he began licking her clean, his tongue exploring and probing her, making her moan and buck with passion.

Sticky and overwhelmed with fierce desire, they were both relieved when Bryon finally lifted her hips and entered her, stroking deep and whispering her name as he made love to her.  They did it again and again, trying every position they could imagine.  Bryon kissed her hard as they faced each other and he moved inside her.  He nibbled her ear as she arched her back, Bryon taking her from behind, and he fondled her breasts and held her hands, her fingers laced in his, as he lay on his back and she rode him to powerful orgasms for them both.

Just when they each thought they were exhausted, their passion for each other and the sculpted curves of their bodies drove them to want more, to desire more, and they  went to Bryon’s bed and made passionate love repeatedly through the night.

They had known each other for four days.

They had loved a life’s worth in that time.