Do women want it all the time?

Men are pretty much notori9ous for wanting sex all the time.  There are probably some times that a man is offered sex that he is not ready for it, such as right after he’s just had sex already, or when he is very tired or very stressed out.  Women are kind of spoiled about that, really, especially women who are married, because they get used to withholding sex from their husbands as a kind of control valve.  The problem is that when they want it and he does not, they immediately wonder why he won’t immediately spring to attention.  Most men will tell you they are not machines who can just become hard as metal at a moment’s notice… but then, most men spend their early twenties feeling just that way. So it varies.

But do women want it all the time?  If you watch those teen sex movies, you’ll end up thinking that they do.  Women in those movies are portrayed as obsessed with sex all the time.  They’re always thinking about it, talking about it, practicing it, getting close to each other to lock their supple lips on each others and explore with their tongues… Movies will have you rock hard and sweating if you think about this kind of thing often enough.  But really, titillating as that is, is it the truth?  Do women want it all the time?

When you look at the statistics, women cheat on relationships just as often as men do.  This makes sense when you stop to think that a man who steps out has to have a woman to do it with.  Women, it turns out, want sex just as much as men do, although our society doesn’t really look favorably on them talking about it.  This is the double standard that exists for men and women.  Men who have sex a lot, and who think about sex a lot, are expected to do so.  It is how they are built and it is very tied to their value as men, their masculinity.  A man who has sex with many partners is experienced and virile.  He is seen as a powerful male.

A woman, by contrast, who has sex a lot and who enjoys sex a lot, is seen as a slut and even a whore.  There is even a term for this kind of thing, called “slut shaming.”  It is considered inappropriate in movies to show women experiencing pleasure, too, unless they are pleasuring a man.  Movies about men getting serviced often do not risk the dreaded NC17 rating quite like movies about women being serviced in the same fashion.

This is not to say that society is unfair.  Women have a lot of power and they tend to hold the keys to relationships.  This is because, to be honest, they have the bodies that men desire to possess, and they get to say yes or no to sex with their men.  No matter what else you are told, this is the most fundamental truth of all.  That’s why when researchers did studies with chimpanzees about work and rewards and using a type of money as a medium of exchange, the female chimps eventually stopped working.  They had learned the world’s oldest profession.  They had learned to take “money” from the male chimps in exchange for sex, and thus they were earning without really “working” (since you have to assume that all the chimps on some level wanted and enjoyed sex).

Well, does your lady want it?  Absolutely she does.  But does she want it all the time?  There are different times to have sex and each of these have their advantages and their disadvantages.  Morning sex, for example, is something that a lot of guys really like (and something they don’t often get).  A man who has had sex in the morning goes through the rest of the day with a real bounce in his step, feeling confident and manly and desired by his partner.  But morning sex can also be kind of a tranquilizer.  You may be thinking you have a lot of work to do today, and when you wake up when the alarm goes off, you’re ready and willing to get going and get to work. Having sex with your lady can make you feel drowsy when you’re done, and you could end up getting your day’s progress derailed.  But most men are happy to make that trade.

Sex in the afternoon is another great thing.  That’s why they call it “afternoon delight,” after all.  Sex in the afternoon, before the sun goes down, feels naughty because you can see what’s going on.  It’s like a porno to some men, and they enjoy being able to see the object of their desire, being able to see what they are doing to her and with her.  Sex at lunch times is another great thing, although a quickie at lunch can also derail you for the rest of the day.  The opposite is true, too.  A man who goes home or to a hotel at lunch, has sex, and then comes back to work might just spend the rest of the day whistling happily and generally feeling good about himself.

Sex late at night, especially if you wake up to have it, can be really rewarding.  There’s nothing better than to be deep in sleep only to gradually wake up to your partner doing wonderful things to your body.  You wake up more fully, have sex, then drift back to sleep feeling contented and happy.  That’s the kind of formula for a great, relaxed morning. And any man will tell you that if he’s yawning his way through the next day because he traded too many of his sleeping hours for sex, he’s happy to do it.  Any man will gladly trade sleep for sex, and no matter how tired he feels the next day, he’s proud of that feeling of tiredness, because he remembers what it is from and he’s feeling damned good about himself as as result.