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My name is Hunter. I am 23 year old with a hot body. Imagine a tall busty woman with enchanting legs and curves to match. I adore men, and they cherish me, and I am not hesitant to show that, I am exceptionally spontaneous. I always have a longing to satisfy the man I am with, to keep him every happy and longing for more. I am exceptionally passionate and sentimental and there is an exotically feminine side to me which makes me irresistible. My fun loving nature, easygoing attitude and ladylike sensibilities are some of my incredible qualities that most people appreciate.

Hunter will wear one of her stunning outfits that compliment her intoxicating looks. She will be the stunner on your arm when you go to any of the restaurants or nightclub the city has to offer. You’ll be the envy of every man that sees Hunter. She is truly entertaining no matter what the evening entails. Pleasure and satisfaction are her two main specialties.


Age 23
Height 5’6″
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual
Rate $700/Hour
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“I love to dress up in different outfits,” Hunter says. “I love to show off how incredibly sexy I can be. To me, a different lingerie outfit is like a different identity. It’s a chance to be a different sort of woman for just a little while. You can truly indulge all of your passions that way. A woman who truly embraces all of her wants and desires is a woman that no man can resist. They respond to her passionate approach to life. They are very moved by it. I love that I have this power, as a New York escort, to make men happy. I think bringing happiness to people is really the only gift that matters. Every other material possession is something you can’t take with you and that won’t last forever no matter well you take care of it. Your happy memories, though, you’ll have those forever. Right up until you die, a good memory is something that can comfort you always.”

Hunter goes on, “It probably isn’t nice that I love to make other women jealous, but I absolutely do. There is something really cool about being so sexy, so beautiful, so desirable, that when you walk into a room, all the eyes follow you and all the heads turn. The men in the room are thinking how much they would like to be with you. They’re running their hands over your body and its curves in their minds. They’re undressing you. But the women… they’re thinking how much they’d like to look like you, and how much they hate you for looking as good as you do. I love that feeling. I know it isn’t polite, but I absolutely adore being the kind of woman who can make other women jealous. I admit it.”

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