Escort Profile: Emmy

Emmy is one of our newest escorts. She has eagerly embraced the party-on landscape that is working for our company, and she is eager to meet you, learn what you like, and see to it that you have the best night out possible.  “There’s no denying the party lifestyle that goes with being an escort,” she admits. “A lot of the girls talk about it, because it’s so central to everything we do as part of our jobs. There isn’t a guy in the world who doesn’t think it sounds like an incredible way to spend your life when I tell them about it. Most of the younger girls I talk to, they think it sounds pretty good too. I mean, how could it not? I have plenty of free time, I don’t have to punch a clock, and I can really enjoy myself, day in and day out, without ever feeling like my life is make work or drudgery. There’s a long list of things I will never do as an escort. I will never sit down at a desk in the morning, sigh, and resign myself to a long day of being unhappy and wishing I could go home. I will never have to file paperwork. I will never have to put on a tie and wish I didn’t. I will never have to sit through a boring meeting. Being an escort, to me, is more than just a job. It’s more than just the chance to meet interesting people and get to know them. And it’s even more than constantly getting taken out of drinks, dinner, dancing, and other fun activities. Being an escort, to me, is freedom. It’s just this incredible freedom that makes all the difference in the world. I bring that of freedom to everything I do. For example, I like to play games like strip Twister.

 I can’t deny that it’s fun to take something I knew as a kid, turn it on its ear, and make it something that adults can have fun with. And if it has a fun, flirty, sexual angle to it, so much the better. That’s what adults can do that kids can’t, right? We, as consenting adults, can enjoy ourselves in any of several ways. What is it about a good escort, a very beautiful young woman, that is so appealing to all men all around the world, men who, when they get home after a long day at just want to unwind by spending some time in the company of a sexy lady? Our company is as much a public service as it is a private business. Imagine the good that a escort site does by connecting beautiful young women with the men who want to spend time with them. Unlike when you contract with an Internet dating service, there is no pressure and there are no strings attached when you book an escort. Nobody expects anything from you. She isn’t going to demand anything that you aren’t willing to give. The two of you are going to go out for a good time and see what develops. Maybe you go out for dinner; maybe you go out for dancing; maybe you go out for drinks; maybe you spend a quiet evening at home. You might even go to a business convention or a social function. However it works out, there is no pressure and nobody is going to put a gun to your head to make you do anything.Your escort’s job is to make you happy and to make sure your client experience is a positive one. She wants to make sure you are going to go home satisfied, and she takes real pleasure knowing that you are pleased with how she has conducted and managed your time together. This is incredibly important to a man for many reasons. A typical man lives in a ball of stress from the moment he wakes up until the time he struggles to fall asleep at night. Picture the average guy as he starts his day. How does that begin? First, his alarm goes off, after he’s not gotten enough sleep. He never knows the joy of waking up on his own, after his body is properly rested. Instead, he gets jarred out of a sound sleep by the alarm. Maybe he hits the snooze, maybe he doesn’t. But he doesn’t have any choice, because eventually, he’s got to get up and go to his job. He gets into his car and he worries the whole time about being late while he fights his way through traffic to get where he needs to go. Or he takes public transportation and he worries that he’s going to get in trouble for being late, because the trains or the buses are always late. Once he gets to the office, he has to dodge his boss, who is a jerk, and he probably gets the evil eye or even a chewing out for not being early enough. Then he sits down at a desk in a cubicle somewhere and he stares at a computer screen until it’s time for lunch. Lunch probably isn’t great, although he may manage to get out of the office for it. Most people can’t afford to eat lunch out all the time, so he probably doesn’t do that. Then he has to hurry back if he’s left the office, risk the evil eye again, and get back to the boring business of staring at his computer screen. If he’s really unlucky, he has some boring, mind-numbing meetings to attend throughout the course of the day, where he fights not to fall asleep and wishes he could be playing games on his phone. And then when the day is over, he fights his way back home again, stays up too late trying to cram all of his life into that brief window between leaving the office, sleeping, and going back again, and then wakes up to his alarm the next day to start the cycle all over again. I can relieve him from that. I can give him something new. You can book with me now.”